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Kobe Support Platform for Promoting Medical Device Commercialization and Marketing
In order to promote commercialization of medical devices, a new platform named “Kobe Support Platform for Promoting Medical Device Commercialization and Marketing (KSP)” was established under industry-academia-government collaboration. KSP supports businesses in the Kansai region that endeavor to participate in medical device industry in each phase of development from beginning to end.
Supporting innovative technological “seeds” for medical devices
With exit strategies in mind, KSP supports innovative technological seeds for medical devices at various developmental stages, including matching medical needs, partnerships between the medical and industrial sectors, enterprise assessment, proposal of commercialization strategies, funding, developmental management support, prototype assembly and operational training utilizing IMDA, MEDDEC and other R&D infrastructures.

Not only does KSP offer coordinators and management staff, KSP also provides comprehensive support by allocating a team of advisors consisting of capable clinical physicians, medical industry veterans and experts in medical device development.

The Medical Device Support Plaza provides consultation services for medical device development to small and medium enterprises mainly in Kobe and corporations in the Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster.

Consultation services
The Plaza offers general consultation
concerning medical device development in the areas of pharmaceutical affairs, seeds-needs matching, drug discovery and intellectual property issues.

Information services
Visitors have access to many books on medical device R&D, including expert literature and standards (ISO, JIS, etc.).

Commercialization and marketing support
The Plaza provides enterprise support to commercialize business plans accepted by a special subsidy program sponsored primarily by the Kobe City Government to promote local development projects in the fields of medicine, public health and welfare as well as prospective business ideas by local small and medium enterprises and companies in the Kobe Medical Innovation Cluster.

Toshihiro Kuroki
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