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Department of Regenerative Medicine Research

Akihiko Taguchi

Neuroregeneration Research Group

Group Leader : Akihiko Taguchi
Stroke is the leading cause of disability in developed countries but no definitive treatment exists besides thrombolytic therapy that must be given within a few hours after onset of stroke. We had demonstrated that therapeutic angiogenesis accelerates endogenous neurogenesis & improves stroke outcome in experimental stroke model, and have started phase 1/2a clinical trial of cell-based therapy for patients with severe stroke.

Increase of cerebral blood flow by cell therapy in patients after stroke
Increased blood flow was observed in stroke hemisphere (red dots) and contralateral hemisphere (blue dots)

1 month after treatment   6 months after treatment
Vascular Regeneration Research Group

Group Leader : Atsuhiko Kawamoto
Technical Advisor : Takayuki Asahara

The Vascular Regeneration Research Group is responsible for the processing and quality control / assurance of vascular stem cells used for clinical trials in the IBRI Hospital regarding vascular regeneration for chronic critical limb ischemia and vascular / bone regeneration for refractory fractures. We have also performed a series of preclinical studies of vascular regeneration therapy for other disorders such as myocardial infarction, spinal cord ischemia and liver cirrhosis, and are working to develop the next-generation technologies for clinical application.

Improvement of Lower Limb Skin Blood Flow Through Vascular Regeneration:
Changes over time in Laser Doppler Perfusion Imaging.

Before treatment   4 weeks after treatment   12 weeks after treatment