Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation
IBRI Laboratory
Department of Molecular Life Science

Yo-ichi Nabeshima

Drug Development Group

Group Leader : Yo-ichi Nabeshima
The drug development group is currently working on the pathophysiology of age-related disorders such as atherosclerosis, emphysema, and renal failure. Specifically, we are focusing on the molecular mechanisms behind such disorders and attempting to design compounds capable of counteracting the symptoms. The group is also investigating the mechanism through which beta-amyloid oligomers isolated from Alzheimer’s patients induce neuronal cell death, with the eventual aim of developing compounds that can inhibit neuro-degeneration in Alzheimer’s patients.

Simulation-driven Drug Discovery Group

Group Leader (commissioned) : Yasushi Okuno, Ph.D.
The Simulation-driven Drug Discovery Group was newly formed in April 2013 with a mission to conduct research and development in the field of in silico drug design. The group is currently employing the K supercomputer and other resources available in the Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster to spur technological revolutions in drug discovery, including in silico techniques. The group also supports companies and researchers involved in the discovery of new drugs.